To improve quality of education and training services in minerals, oil and gas;

To increase students’ enrolment for long and short courses in minerals, oil and gas;

To enhance capacity to undertake research and consultancy services;

To improve working and learning environment;

To improve resources management and supportive services;

To strengthen cooperation in education and training with regional and international organization;

To improve marketing of College’s Products and Services;

To address cross-cutting issues (gender, HIV/AIDS, environment and corruption).


To train middle cadre professionals in minerals, oil and gas including; Geology and Mineral Explorations; Gemology; Petroleum Geosciences; Petroleum Engineering; Mining Engineering;  Mineral Processing and Metallurgical Engineering; Environmental Engineering and Management in Mines and Petroleum; Mine Surveying; Petroleum Geophysics; Petrophysics; Engineering Geology; Environmental Geophysics; Applied Geology with Geophysics; Reservoir Engineering; Sedimentology and Palaeontology; Petroleum Geology; Corrosive Engineering; Petroleum and Mineral Economics; Renewable Energy; Physical Sciences; Applied Geo-Information Management Systems; Applied Geophysics; Geothermal Engineering; Nuclear Energy; and Oil and Gas Management.
To carry out researches in order to improve learning process and utilisation of earth resources;

To provide consultancy services in order to strengthen sustainable utilisation of earth resources.

To provide short and tailor-made courses to artisan and small scale miners specifically in geology and mineral exploration; mining; mineral processing and metallurgy; environmental management, mine management, and Oil and Gas;

To provide training to applicants of blasting certificates prior to certifications by the Ministry;